Making Money with your Smartphone.

Here are the Smartphone apps that are working for me right now.   These are passive ways of making Money with your phone.

The first one I want to discuss is ebates it’s on the desktop and your smartphone.  You can earn commission on ebates just by shopping online at these Major retailers Walmart, Amazon, Michaels, Kohls, Hobby lobby plus more.  How it works is you installed on extensions on Google, IE ( internet explorer, FireFox.  My options would be Firefox and
Google make sure though your cookies are not blocked if you don’t get your commission just send in a ticket and tell ebates what happen and put in the shopping trips and they’ll look into it and see what happens.  I think you have a $10 sign up bonus but you need to activate it in order to get your bonus.   Also, refer 3 friends or family and get a $25.00 referral bonus.  Here is my personal link to the site.  Earn Commission on Ebates 

Below is a screenshot of what I made since last year and to date. the Refer and Earn rewards program.


Next app I use on a regular base that really works for me is Fetch Rewards go to your google play store or apple store and download it. Use my Referal code AJ2VA. to get started. When you get it to download for your first receipt on the scan button on the phone of the app and then click on the camera icon to the right scan your receipt it’ll show you if you qualify for the points. I have 3,953 points and my lifetime receipts are 36 receipts and spent approximately $611.65 since I began the app.  I’m sorry I do not have a screenshot of it.   This link will give you some ideas about the rewards you can get so click here Fetch Rewards This app is the one that I prefer to start with.

Ibotta is another good one it works if you hunt down items in the different stores, I don’t advise doing all your shopping at Wal-mart cause all Wal-marts not alike they just sell what customer like in the store they buy it at! That’s my tip to you.  The lower the income area the different product they sell. To get instructions on how it works click on here. When you sign up using my referral code kbjhdnd you’ll get $5 and I’ll get $5   Shop a variety of stores including Grocery stores, Joann’s and more.   You will have teams on Ibotta and I have about 25. The only downfall I see on ibotta it really works if you work it.   Nevertheless, it’s discouraging when you Walmart and what they have the app not even in stock or they don’t have don’t have the products. The link is here  I have $16.00 in it.

Selling your photo stock on Fineartamerica you can use your smartphone or iPhone app I haven’t made money with this yet I just wanted to share this with you!

Last one I use I got about $12 on this  as well as Ibotta is inbox dollars you can earn money by doing trials and survey’s on your phone and desktop also get paid for watching videos Inbox dollars just be really careful on this app because when the trial is up you’ll have to pay for what you buy as a subscriptions

These are all I have, for now, please comment if these apps work for you!





How My journey began

Thank you so much for checking out my blog, My Journey began with my home decor business!

I’ve started making candles in 2013 when I was snowed in my home for the winter months, I’ve decided to start making candles as a way to make some extra cash.  I didn’t sell enough to make my money for supplies back so I went into repurposing Mirrors and shelves and didn’t make money very well I sold $35 here to $50 there it’s not until I found my passion in making grapevine Wreaths. I went to a class at the Library May of last year, when I got back from traveling.  Here was my first Wreath and I have came along ways from then.  The one oon the left was the first one at the Library where a lady helped accomplished this beauty since then I worked on it changed out some of the pinecones and adding different flowers to this wooden wreath.  I say I came along ways from when I started with wreath making.


Now I am  teaching Women and Men from the ages of 25 and up to make Beautiful Grapevine Wreaths for all season for the home or front door.

Here is one of my Youtube video that I have from my  Click on my Mystical Craft Creations  If you like it please give my video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.  I also have the love for floral arrangements and other craft such as crafting soap with the soap-bases.  I will do a blog on it as well.

I hope you like the story behind my Crafting.

Please don’t hesistate to contact me with any questions or have a custom order

Have a Blessed day!