Symptoms Of Bipolar and Depression

I have suffered from Bipolar 1 since I was a kid. Here were the signs that I had. Aggressive temper, Risky spending habit such as shopping sprees, racking up credit cards, self-medicating myself with alcohol no drugs, Had many car wrecks and totally out more than 13 cars. There are other reasons what happened to me that I won’t go into at this time.

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Here are some of the symptoms I had too, Racing thought 24/7, panic attacks, OCD that can be managed correctly with the right medicine. Also, I had one episode of Depression once a month with suicidal thoughts. If this hits home with you then, you need to get an evaluation they can diagnose you either with bipolar 1 or 2 With Bipolar please go to Google and it’ll explain better than I can. into this some of the examples I’m just wanted to share with you, I hope this blog helps you with Mental health!

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