Flea-market Flips

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I’m showing you 5 top things to repurpose and make a Proft at Fleamarkets, Facebook Market Place, and Craft shows to make a Profit. These are the things that work for me.  


Use this Link to get started from the Image above

1. Wine Bottles, beer bottles to make Chandeliers and Candles

2. You can make soap dishes and jewelry trays with China, personally, I haven’t made money but I’m sure there’s a lot of Etsy sellers that have.  

.3.  Repurposing Blue Jeans with bling’s on it and make purses, Apron’s, etc.  I sold a Bling purse with Rhinestone on it and sold it for $20 Chaching it was a $10 profit. 

4. Repurposing Floral Baskets and Wreaths you can buy them cheap from the Thrift Stores.  If you’re starting out in the Floral business or the gift basket business this is the best way to get started buying them cheap and design them the way you want to.  Makes a fabulous gift. Wreath’s you can find at the Thrift store turn around and make a Profit or take them apart and redesign your way. I do that a lot.  

5. Repurpose Wooden shelves, Mirrors, and other wooden boxes you can find at the Thrift store. I sold Mirrors and Heart shape shelves for $15.  I did all the work to them. One of these days I’ll repurpose and do a video on it.  

I hope this topic will help you decide what you want to repurpose and flip at your next Garage Sale or Flea-market

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