Craft Shows inquiries and to do list

If your this is your first time at Craft shows I’m going to give you information about what to ask you’re an organizer before you even think about doing a craft show.  This is to help you not to get discouraged and throw in the towel.   Because of sometimes shows maybe their first show or annual shows. I wished I learned how to ask these questions a long time ago.

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Here are the Questions you need to ask. Bookmarked this so you can refer back.

  1.  Is this your first time for the craft show or an annual show?
  2.  How many people did you have last year and how many people to expect there at the show?
  3.  How much does it cost for a booth and how big is the booth?
  4.  Is it one booth do you have an option for 2 or more tables? which this is usually a double booth!
  5.  How much it cost for a booth?
  6.  Is it a one day or 2-day booth etc?
  7.  Do you need a Tax id for this event? P.S,  usually, do
  8. Do you accept PayPal, Square? or is it electronic form where you fill in the info?
  9.  Always ask for the deadline to get the money in and also ask them can you make 2 payments if you can’t afford it, and make arrangements to get the money in on time!

To Do list to Prepare for the shows.

  1. Make sure you have at least $60.00 cash break it up in 20,10,5, and 1 dollars bills for shows for a small event, and $100 cash the same breakdown for a big event.
  2. Biz cards you can make on your own you can use Vista print their usual specials on there.  Right now I need to get my Affiliates on my site. I will update this blog when I am an affiliate.  And also have a biz card stand to set up nicely.
  3.  Make a sign or small banner for your table displaying the name of your business to attract customers.
  4.  Also, I just learned this at one of my craft shows always chalkboard with Prices of everything.
  5. If your a wreath maker like me Get a Metal Or Wrought iron stand to put your Wreaths or Even your wooden signs or floral frames
  6.  Folding Table Get at Walmart for $40-$50.00
  7. Fold up chairs
  8. Wagon to put your supplies chairs and other things in.
  9.  Money bag, for the cash
  10. Set up your display home to make sure where you want it to be. Have an email list paper prepared to you can send them specials, membership offers, or courses.  See Jennifer Allwood on Facebook, Instagram and Itunes for the podcast, live videos or replay FB and Youtube.  I do not get paid for promoting her. I just can resonate with her.

I hope helped that I helped you with these questions and to do list.

Here are some of my Pictures of the Booth so you can see what I’m talking on the Displays

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