Chilly Mexican Style

Do you like a simple Chilly recipe that will be a hit for the whole family, using these simple ingredients. I’ll even give you the brands I use for some of the ingredients: Ingredients:

1. 1lb of Ground Chuck hamburger

2. 1 can Dole, Best choice or Great Value Mexican style Dice tomatoes.

3. 1 can Chili beans, Bush’s, Best Choice or Great Value are my Favorites.

4. 2 Tbl of Tomato paste

5. Medium onion chopped

6. 1 bell pepper chopped Green or Red are the best

7. On the can of water.

8. Mrs. Dash seasoning

9. 2 cloves of garlic chopped

10. Mexican powder or seasoning any brand


Chopped up these ingredients onions: bell peppers, onions and 2 cloves of garlic. Put all of them in the pan with the hamburger and brown them together then drain the hamburger mixture in a colander or strainer. Put the mixture in a dutch oven and add the rest of the ingredients, diced tomatoes, chilly beans, tomato paste, and water. Stir all together then add the chilly seasoning, and Mrs. Dash I usually put about 3 shakes in the mixture. Bring it to a boil on high after it comes to a boil lower the Temperature to low stir on occasion. Just a hint if you have a gas stove like I do make sure the chilly mixture is on low no lid on it due to it burns the bottom of the pan. Let it cook on the stove for 20 minutes.

Prep time 10-15 minutes

Cooking time 20 minutes

Servings 4-10 people depending on the family. 

Chilly In Progress

Chilly Cooking


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