How to make Beautiful Valentine’s Wreath

Are you on a Fixed income such as Social Security? do you want to make a wreath that is beautiful wreath make under $100 getting these florals from Wal-mart and dollar tree products?   Use the following Wal-mart clearance where the florals are they will be usually 97cents on the bottom row at the end of the florals. 
Now if you want to make a commission on it as well use Ebates see my blog on smartphone apps to see how it works. The first thing you would do is Pick your carnations of pink and red here’s the link to  I do not have an affiliate link yet for Walmart just giving you ideas on florals and also at the dollar tree for filler flowers and foliage too this store will save you money! You  2 bundles of red Carnations, 2 bundles pink carnations  2 bundles spring bushes 2 or 3 bundles of Grass Walmart2 or 3 bundles of Filler Flowers From DT Butterflies on spring bushes. if you have any pinecones add it too.   Valentine’s Truck sign you can get off of Etsy or Amazon Yellow checkered Wired Ribbon Amazon and a 22-24 gauge of Floral WireA couple of Pipe cleaner to tie the sign on the WreathEither a 14-inch grapevine WreathHere’s my Facebook Video link to my DIY Valentine Wreath. Or you can shop for beautiful Wreaths at my Etsy shop

I hope this project helps you out!


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